cypher enables global access to historically gated pre-public markets.

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cypher enables global access to pre-public markets, allowing traders to gain exposure to assets that have been historically gated by traditional financial players.

a trading tool built with you in mind.

With cypher, you can trade synthetic derivatives similar to futures products at lightning speed.

unparalleled access

Trade in markets that you’ve historically been excluded from.

peer-to-peer trading

Use a protocol that’s transparent, open, and equitable.

built on solana

Pay lower fees on the world’s fastest blockchain.


It only takes seconds to go long or short any asset and submit the trade to the Serum Orderbook.


Built-in cross-margined accounts that allow for gains in one position to offset losses in another levered position.


Easily mint positions and earn both fees and $CYPH tokens.


$CYPH stakers earn a yield in $CYPH tokens and, in the future, benefit from lower trading fees.


Create and foster a robust community by holding and staking $CYPH tokens and voting on future proposals.

on-boarding made simple and easy.


Connect your Solana wallet.


Add USDC to your margin account.


Trade, borrow, lend, and mint new on-chain assets.

trade cypher’s first pre-public markets




Pre-IDO markets

a bright future ahead

Q4 2021

live on devnet

Deploy protocol on devnet and run multiple code audits.
Q1 2022

live on mainnet

Launch with the first Pre-IPO assets: Stripe, Kraken, and ByteDance.
Q1 2022

launch pre-ido markets

Trade crypto IDOs before they happen.
Q2 2022

cypher v2

Major UI upgrades including Pro and Basic versions.
Q2 2022

governance launch

cypher becomes fully decentralized.
Q3 2022

launch indexes and futures markets

Q3/Q4 2022

stay tuned for H2/2022 announcements!

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Blockwall Capital
Sino Global Capital
SkyVision Capital
a41 Ventures
Project Serum
Darkpool Ventures
ROK Capital
Gerstenbrot Capital
AGE Crypto

about cypher

Welcome to the first expiratory futures protocol built on Solana. As part of our community, you’ll be able to mint and trade on any market that is community approved, while participating in community governance that facilitates robust and safe trading opportunities. Initially, we’re starting with pre-public markets that many traders have historically been excluded from, but this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to show you what we’re building next.